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These are books I keep close by and refer to often. The links point to a listing on for those of you who would like to take my recommendations. I do get referral credit from if you decide to buy them from them (as an Associate of theirs) but I've been recommending them long before I knew it could help defray server costs! The bibliographic information should also be complete enough to make finding them locally in a library fairly simple.

Moock, Colin. ActionScript: the Definitive Guide. Sebastopol, California: O'Reilly and Associates, 2001.

This was the textbook in 2001-02 of COMS 490 and may well be this year as well. The content is pretty densely packed, but it's all presented in a logical order, from programming fundamentals to OOP. It starts from an assumption of zero programming knowledge but includes enough details that just aren't spelled out in the official documentation that it's also enlightening for people with Flash or other programming experience. In particular, it spells out quite a bit about parsing and how Flash stores all that dynamically-typed data, and prvoides return values for everything. There is a dictionary of methods and functions in the back that could easily replace Macromedia's (already pretty good) ActionScript reference.

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