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mothDraw 1.1 readme

What is it?

mothDraw is a Flash-based image creation tool in which the user has indirect control over where pixels are added. The user controls a pair of lights which attract pixel-generating moths. The lights can be translated, rotated, separated and brought together. Moths actually hitting lights fall realistically to the bottom of the screen, fried. The program allows a theoretically unlimited number of moths to be created and used. At present, images may be preserved by means of screen capture. Coming versions may add an internal file format.

mothDraw also provides the user with the opportunity to swap bases on the fly... each point stores its position as (x,y,time), and pressing the tab key will rotate the contents of these variables, hiding one and bringing time in to replace the other. Of course, after three swaps, the bases are back in their original position and earlier doodlings are plainly visible.

Users interested in how many moths it takes to create an image will be pleased to know that all fried moths accumulate in plain view at the bottom of the screen. Users will also enjoy control of point and background colour, both in real time and through a data pane for precise entry of RGB values.

MothDraw is freeware, but not in the public domain. Feel free to use it, but please do not borrow code from it without my permission.

Version History

Released 17 Apr 2001 for submission in PRIN 398A
  • Added working data pane for colour management
  • Reworked keyboard interface
  • Some speed tweaks
  • CD-ROM package prepared, WIndows executable compiled
Released 11 Apr 2001
Eric Hortop, April 2001