Not another Concordia rant

Keep your eyes open on the streets of Montréal... and the world!

Montréal, 5 December

Never mind the head scarves, skullcaps, checked scarves and Che shirts associating people (whether they like it or not) with the present Concordia situation (apparently compounded by the CSU's own moratorium... who though that up after all this free speech stuff and can we recall or fire them?). Forget about exams, holiday preparations and uncharacteristically cold weather.

The burberrians are here.

The Burberry tartan, and its generic close cousins, are flooding the streets. They outnumber (by an estimate and a hand-wave) Black Watch, Royal Stewart and Canada Centennial Tartans and all their variations put together.

This bland, inoffensive tartan is actually kind of pleasant in small doses, but there is so much of it... and it turns out this isn't some family tartan or commemoration of some very Scotland-related event like the Canadian centennial bash in 1967. It's a company tartan. A large segment of the population is marking itself with a glorified logo, on their scarves, lining their coats, on their handbags and repelling rain on their umbrellas. They're paying big money (bigger for the “authentic” stuff to differentiate themselves using something analogous to, well, a Hilfiger, Gap or Gucci label.

Maybe you should go back to thinking about exams, conflict and negative humidex after all. On the other hand, maybe it's a little more insidious, a plot for inconspicuous consumption rendered conspicuous by sheer numbers.

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